Originally posted by Lisa on April 6, 2010 5:17 PM


The dirty coal industry keeps trying to convince us that they aren't all that bad but you only have to switch on the news to see the truth...

Over the Easter weekend a Chinese coal container ship ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef and now threatens the pristine and fragile environment with a massive oil spill. And this morning we heard the tragic news of a coal mine explosion in West Virginia that killed 25 people - with 4 still missing.

These are not unusual events either. There's a long list of fatal coal disasters in the US alone since the 1970s. And in China - these kind of accidents are happening all the time. Over 30 Chinese miners are currently trapped in a coal mine - with no signs of life as a dangerous build up of methane has hindered rescue efforts.

It's not surprising then that the U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu has said the coal industry is "still unsafe". He also said that safety “is one of the many factors that goes into a decision on how to develop our energy resources”.

We're hoping he's looked into the ongoing safety issues surrounding nuclear power. And that he'll take into full consideration the impacts of coastal drilling.

Coal is the single biggest climate polluter and one of the dirtiest, deadliest substances out there -- but it's clean and safe renewable fuels and energy efficiency that we need to focus on - not other dangerous and destructive energy sources. We can meet the world's energy demands, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, boost the economy and create jobs without expanding the dirty fuel industries.

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