Our Quit Coal tour led by the Rainbow Warrior reached Denmark this morning, as activists in inflatable boats moved into the coal terminal of the Enstedværket power plant in Aabenraa. A team of ten is occupying a crane used for unloading coal, and have settled in for the night, while others are protesting Denmark’s coal-powered energy policy from the water.

The countries taking part in the UN climate negotiations now in Poznan, Poland will meet again next year in Copenhagen and what happens between the current meeting and the next one is going to be more important to the future of life on this planet than anything else. It is in Copenhagen that a global agreement to save the climate must be reached.

To highlight this crucial period and the urgent need to get serious phasing out fossil fuels such as coal and oil - we're protesting against coal (the most harmful fossil fuel of all) simultaneously in Poland and Denmark.

Yesterday seven activists tried to board a coal ship from South Africa, but were hosed down by crew on the ship. They managed to hang a banner on the ship. The action took place at the biggest North European coal terminal, owned by Vattenfal and Danish state owned company Dong, who together own nine coal plants in Denmark. Dong is converting two more plants to coal and is planning to build coal plants in Germany.

Today the Rainbow Warrior and the Danish team continued to take action against the same ship once it arrived in the coal port, and the activists climbed the cranes and stopped the unloading of the coal from the ship, Hanjin Imabari, importing coal from South Africa.

The climbers are stil blocking the coal shipment from unloading and will be staying on the crane overnight. Meanwhile, we have activists sleeping on a coal smokestack in Poland!

I'll upload some more pictures of this action as soon as I get them.