We're obviously disappointed with the lack of progress made at the UN climate negotiations in Poznan together with a depressingly diluted EU climate package. But at least the pressure we all (and I mean everyone who sent a message, signed a petition, uploaded a photo for Greenpeace or any organisation) generated was enough to stop them from going backwards! It's obvious that decision makers know the world is watching.

While some of our climate team take a well deserved break from the long hours working in Poland - others are back in the office here in Amsterdam - already finalising plans for the year ahead. We're also finding the time now to look back over the past year and realise just what we have achieved!

We have shown coal to be the biggest roadblock to saving the climate, and put the industry on the defensive; preventing key plants from being built, improving government legislation, gaining government commitments, winning legal support for our position and leading the fight against the 'clean coal' myth.

The road towards the next UN climate meeting in Copenhagen next year is a long one - but we'll be campaigning for an energy [r]evolution and we're going to need your help to make it successful - so please keep an eye on this blog. It wont die off just because the talks are over and our Climate Rescue Station is packed away.

The Station will be back again soon, somewhere else in the world, as a base camp for other climate saving activities we're planning in the near future. And although the Rainbow Warrior has finnished this year's Quit Coal Tour - she's not giving up yet! We're all going to be fighting to save the climate next year, with all of our ships - harder than we have ever fought for anything before.

But for now - tis the season to be jolly! Join our campaign to Save Santa and send this video to your family and friends!

If you do feel like getting serious - you can check out the excellent blogs about Poznan from Jessica below if you haven't already read them and may I also recommend the reviews by Nature and World Changing.

From all of us at Greenpeace International - Enjoy some time off and have a great New Year!