It's early afternoon Friday here in Cancun. We are now well into the last day of the negotiations (I hope I am right about that). The Greenpeace team is ready for a long night. This could easily easily run to 0300 Saturday morning or even later.

Very early this morning (about 0300) we got the latest forest REDD text. We have analysed it and the forest team is now out and about trying to meet with various delegations to point out problems and have them resolved before the ministers make any decision on this.

This morning, as today's meetings began, lots of activists from and Greenpeace hit the beach in an artful depiction of civil society throwing a lifeline to the negotiations. As the negotiators floundered in the choppy waters civil society comes to the rescue with a gigantic lifering and saves the day. This is exactly what is going on here. We are like the planet's lifeguards. We put up red flags to direct the talks away from dangerous positions and are poised and ready to jump in if and when they get in trouble. Our message, drawn in the sand by human bodies, ".

Everywhere I look I see groups of people -- all ages, all nationalities, all creeds and colours, all wanting one thing ... a sucessful outcome to the Cancun climate negotiations.

The atmosphere here is electric. Its also confusing, hectic, tense. Countless people analysing texts in small groups, others giving interviews to the hundreds of journalists in attendance. Bloggers sitting in every little corner getting word out to their readers. Negotiators and ministers behind closed doors deciding our fate.

Its a diverse grouping this Climate Tribe, all connected by one thing ... a desperation to get global agreement on how we can best act to save us all from the ravages of runaway climate change.

Top Photo © Prometeo Lucero/Greenpeace