The Solar Generation crew is at the UN climate talks once again this year, bringing voices from around the world to Cancun to be heard at the negotiations. Many of them arrived in Mexico earlier in the month to attend the Conference of Youth (COY) in Mexico City. The COY was started in 2004 to bring together young people to discuss cliamte change ahead of the UN Conference and Solar generation has been able to attend every year including this one.

The CYO conference is a place for youth to help empower a global climate movement, and to prepare their strategies for bringing this movement to the UN climate negotiations. By actively lobbying, staging public activities and taking direct action, the youth aim to bring fresh energy into a process which can be seen as an old fashioned and out of touch with younger generations. They aim to put pressure on the delegates to hear them out on their concerns for the future and their proposals for a solutions based approach to combating climate change. Gathered as one unique global movement; from poor to rich, developed to developing countries they actively testify of their will for change, their will for a fair and better world.

While the youth can often be seen having a bit of fun while bringing their message to the talks, the weight of their message is unavoidable. The depth of knowledge on climate change and inspiring vision with these youth is amazing! No doubt: they are ready to rule the world and to actively participate in building a better future. A future without tons of excess of CO2 released in the atmosphere, a planet where everyone has a safe place under the sun without the deadly threats of droughts, flood and malaria.

They might be ready, but will they have time enough? If countries here in Cancun fail to to agree on the building blocks of a global deal to tackle climate change in the coming decades, the youth are left wondering what kind of planet will they inherit.

Watch this space for news on what Solar Generation is doing to make their voices heard in Cancun!

Frederic Amirl is the Coordinator for Greenpeace's youth program - Solar Generation