While protesters occupy spaces from Wall Street to Rome, a group of clean energy enthusiasts are encouraging people to 'occupy rooftops' across the world 20th of November, in the name of the solar energy revolution. You can join them.

Map of Community Solar Projects

On Community Solar Day, groups such as Green for All, Solar Mosaic and the Community Power Network are encouraging people around the world to take the first step towards turning their communities solar. The idea is simple: get together with other members of your community and 'occupy' the rooftop of a building you would like to see converted into a renewable energy source. The aim of the day is to kickstart community led projects to provide local, sustainable, solar energy solutions that are funded by the people, for the people.

The empty roofs of churches, village halls, public libraries and schools could be converted into solar power systems offering local energy independence and helping us move towards a renewable future. In the words of Occupy Rooftops:

"Community solar projects offer an incredible opportunity for anyone to invest in a local solar project to create jobs, reduce emissions and build community while getting paid back."

Graphic: how a community solar project worksWant to be part of this solar revolution?

Check out the map to sign-up to join a community solar project near you. If you can't find a local meet-up why not start your own rooftop occupation? It could be a pot-luck dinner party, a roof-top picnic or just a chance to get to know your neighbours in a new context! Invite your friends, family and your neighbours to join.

Once you sign-up to host an occupation you will receive your very own Community Solar Toolkit and personal tips to organise a great event. All you have to do is take a picture of your rooftop occupation and submit it to be part of a global grassroots movement to help make your community solar!

As the Occupy Rooftops slogan goes, "Let's build the clean energy economy together, one community at a time!"

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Solar power to the people!

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