In the past few weeks we have seen the Energy [R]evolution gather pace with two of the world’s leading economies, Japan and Germany, actively stepping away from dangerous energy resources, in particular nuclear energy following the Fukushima disaster, towards renewable energy.

In Johannesburg today, Greenpeace Africa published its new Energy [R]evolution report which outlines how South Africa can also join in the race to a clean and sustainable energy future. If South Africa joins in, not only will it be beneficial to the climate, but it will create around 150,000 new jobs in the South African energy sector in the next 20 years, as well as bringing energy to people not connected to the grid.  

The report clearly demonstrates that there is no technological barrier to achieving a pathway to 100% renewable energy in South Africa. If political will along with South Africa's abundance of renewable energy resources are harnessed, the country could easily become the renewable energy leader in Africa.

As host of the international climate negotiations COP 17 in Durban at the end of this year, we are campaigning to make sure that the South African government makes the right energy choices to create a better and cleaner future.

Watch Melita Steele, our campaigner in South Africa explain more: