"Each SurvivaBall contains all the tools you need to enjoy a safe and happy stay on our changing planet" ... and makes you look like a cross between a blowfish and a cow's udder.

The Yes Men strike again. After fooling Reuters, The New York Times and CNBC with their fake US Chambers of Congress press conference earlier this week that announced the Chambers support of climate legislation, (Not true - according to Eric Wohlschlegel, the Chamber’s real press person who walked in on the "fraudulent press conference" and when his impersonator claimed to be representing the Chamber declared "Well I work there, and you do not look familiar to me!") the Yes Men have now taken to chasing US politicians around in their SurvivaBall outfits.

Maybe 'chasing politicians around' is the wrong way to describe it, when it was a little more like: "waddled after Democratic Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, demanding that he support the climate bill or provide the ridiculous outfits to his constituents."

Click here to watch a few people in SurvivaBalls huff and puff after Specter yelling 'Senator! Senator!'