wind energyIn just 40 years, Brazil has the potential to reach 93% renewable energy and not long after that, could even reach 100% renewable, IF they have the political will. The country has enough wind, sun, biomass and hydropower to fill its energy needs, triple consumption while increasing GDP by four times and decrease its carbon emission until 2050. Sound impressive? It’s all outlined in the new version of the Brazilian Energy [R]evolution launched this week!

Launched in Cancún, during the UN Climate Conference (COP16), the report shows that by combining the right investments with the countries immense potential to provide natural renewable resources, Brazil could be a world leader in clean and sustainable energy.

This future is good for the environment, even better for the economy. The scenarios projected by the report prove that investing in renewable creates green jobs and saves money – up to hundreds of billions of dollars in the period.

“In 2050, Brazil can emit far less CO2 in the atmosphere – 23 million tons – than if the government insist on investing in fossil fuels – approximately 147 million tons”, says Ricardo Baitelo, Brazil´s Energy Campaigner and coordinator of the report.

Inspiring news at  a moment when the worlds eyes are turned towards all countries’ initiatives on reducing their carbon emissions in order to stop climate change. 

Read more about the Brazilian Energy [R]evolution!(in Portuguese)

Juliana Tinoco is a Media Officer at Greenpeace Brazil.