Last week, under an article about oil in the Huffington Post, a very heartwarming comment appeared that has since been forwarded between Greenpeace staff members around the world. I'm reproducing it here with permission:

"I used to just write letters about green causes to my representatives or to the newspapers, recycled like most people, took public transit more - the usual things a middle-class person thinks is enough to protect the environment.

Then I looked at the Gulf disaster, and realized how pitiful my efforts were. I was watching the news with my ten year old daughter when they showed pictures of the dying, oils-soaked animals, and she started to cry. What was I going to say, that this will never happen again? That the environment would be just fine when she grows up?

This is fighting time, folks. From here onward, the green movement has to be much more active, vocal and challenging to the big corporations. There can be no backing down.

So to that end, I just joined Greenpeace. My brother and friends said they didn't think I'd do something like that, but the time to just sit on the sidelines is over. The big oil companies don't give a hoot about letters or editorials condemning them, but they are deathly afraid of masses of people protesting at their facilities and physically blocking their operations. They are scared of the green movement attracting mainstream money and talents, and that they might end up having enough resources to challenge the oil companies on every front.

If you don't like Greenpeace, find another group. There's lots. But DO something. Now is the time. Don't be on the wrong side of history."

-- WestcoastSteve

Update: I shared this entry on Facebook and asked people what had motivated them to become Greenpeace supporters. Read a lot of other inspiring stories on the Greenpeace International Facebook page.