Posted by Daniel, political advisor at the Bali International Conference Centre

Well, this was fun. After emotional speeches on the need to act - and to act now - against climate change by the likes of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Paula Dobriansky for the Bush White House first objected to the "Bali roadmap", the start of comprehensive negotiations for the second phase of the Kyoto Protocol. She was boo-ed. And many delegations, in stark terms not usual in international diplomacy, objected. South Africa said very clearly, that developing countries, especially rapidly industrializing one, are willing to do more (unlike what the Bush administrations keeps telling the world). And Papua New Guinea put it best. They called on the United States to "get out of the way". Well - they did! A potential action plan, to be agreed in 2009, was adopted. This changes nothing about the fact that the Bush administration is to blame that not more was achieved in Bali. That this agreement is not what the science demands. This agreement does, for example, not commit governments to the vital peak in global emissions by 2015. Still: the minimum for what we came here for, we got. (And we still await further decisions later today, especially from all those countries that have ratified the Kyoto Protocol.)

Today we will sleep when this is finally over in another few hours. But tomorrow we start mobilizing for the fight over the next two years. We now CAN get a strengthened global climate treaty in Copenhagen in 2009. But this is by no means a given. It will take political pressure - like the pressure that made the United States cave here today. Thanks for your support! Keep it up!