Posted by Bustar Maitar at the Bali International Conference Centre

bustar-maitar-during-greenpeac.jpg As the final deal is being hammered out among smaller and smaller groups of ministers, life in the plenary hall at the Convention Centre continues as normal. One speech follows another. Which follows another. As tradition has it, when all the government speeches are done, other "stakeholders" get to talk too. So here are the powerful words Bustar Maitar of Greenpeace Southeast Asia spoke to power today on behalf of the Climate Action Network:

Dear distinguished delegates,

When you talk here in plenary, you are bold, visionary and aware of the climate emergency we face and must confront collectively. Here in plenary, alarms have been raised, and you have stressed the importance of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change. However, in Jakarta, Orchid or Laguna rooms – far from public scrutiny – brave words too often crumble to dust. We see you barter and trade. We hear you put short-term, so-called ‘national’ interest, before the survival of our planet - of even your own people.

Many of you have supported what is necessary to avoid the worst impacts of climate change: a peak in global emissions by 2015, leadership by industrialized countries, by cutting emissions at least 30% by 2020, and cutting global emissions more than 50% by 2050 (compared to 1990 levels). You know, that massive funding must go to the most vulnerable without delay that clean and socially appropriate technologies must be universally deployed, requiring trillions of dollars to avert climate catastrophes.

Some of you – and you know who you are - have done all you can to undermine or mine the process here in Bali. We will remember you and keep watching.

As an Indonesian, I call on the industrialized world to deliver on the fine words spoken in Bali. I call on you to deliver climate justice. Over the next two years, you who have done most to cause climate change, must agree to binding, effective emissions cuts – all of you! You must create mechanisms to meet the actual adaptation needs every year, not the tiny fraction that we have now. You must fulfill your commitments. You must do more than ratify Kyoto. You must cut much more than a Kyoto birthday cake.

As an Indonesian, I expect my own leaders to be much more than just good and welcoming hosts. I expect leadership. Not just because of the projected impacts at home, but because of the opportunities we have to contribute to the global solution. I expect deforestation to end. I expect an energy revolution, to use our massive renewable resources.

I am encouraged that more developing country parties are more active in the interests of the majority of their people. I am encouraged to see more delivered here on technology transfer than in the previous 15 years of negotiations. This gives me hope, but is not enough. No less than a massive clean technology deployment mechanism must be agreed.

I am encouraged that the Adaptation Fund becomes operational. This is an important and vital beginning. But the gap between the resources available now and what is needed by the most vulnerable, remains enormous and keeps growing by the day. You must ensure that negotiations over the next two years give adaptation the attention and resources required. Remember: the ambition of your mitigation goals will determine the ability of millions to cope with a warming world.

The talks here could deliver more, if you live in the world of your speeches, not the world of cynical give and take. Fortunately, the road does not end in Bali. You must ensure that the road to just, effective and lasting climate protection starts here.