From Emily, campaigner, on board the Arctic Sunrise

The Beaufort Scale is a tool for seafarers, similar to the Richter Scale for earthquakes, that ranks wind velocity from 0-12. As we pulled out of port from Civitavecchia on Tuesday night, the first mate informed us that we would be encountering wind speeds that ranked a 7 on the Beaufort Scale (28-33 knots). We closed port holes, battened down the hatches (literally!) and made sure everything was safely tucked away.

At some point in the evening, I was awakened by the rolling of the ship back and forth and up and down as it cruised through the waves. By morning time, it was impossible to move about without arms extended to hold on to the walls, ceilings, or whatever you could get your hands on. Walking up the stairs to breakfast was an interesting challenge but the idea of food quickly became moot as most of the crew was felled by seasickness. Work on the ship, aside from the bare minimum, ground to a halt as we all retreated to our beds to wait out the storm. Thankfully, the dawn of the day today brought clear skies and the crew of the Arctic Sunrise is back on its feet. This morning we even spotted dolphins swimming off the bow off the ship.

As we await our next port call, the crew keeps busy by with ship maintenance, banner painting and climbing practice. I am typing away at my computer working on a report and Salvatore is darting about filming video and taking pictures. So life carries on aboard the Sunrise.