Greenpeace youth delegate Leah Wickham addresses the crowd at the youth vigil.

The climate talks are on the verge of total collapse. Nothing short of an unprecedented outpouring of public demand for a real deal here in Copenhagen can move world leaders to break the impasse in the negotiations and make the deal that will stop catastrophic climate change.

As those who will have to live in the future world being decided on here in Copenhagen, youth delegates have some of the most powerful messages to send to the world leaders inside the Bella Center. They themselves, of course, have been kicked out of the convention center, but they can still see the truth about what is happening inside.


That's why, in the final hours of the climate talks, youth delegates are holding a candlelight vigil to stand in solidarity across the world. This solemn and powerful event was meant to highlight the urgency and gravity of the moment while uniting civil society in a call for bold climate action from world leaders.

The talks may be looking bleak now, but there is still time to get the deal we need to guarantee these youth delegates have a healthy future to look forward to. You can stand with them by signing this petition calling for a real deal.