As we embark on the last 100 days before the crucial Climate talks in Copenhagen, Grist has put up a cool blog featuring 100 facts about Copenhagen and the climate talks you probably didn't know.

They also have banner counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until the world's leaders meet to replace the expiring Kyoto Protocol.

Their 100 facts cover everything from environmental facts to not-so-climate-related facts (e.g: number 2: The climate talks could spur a mini-boom in prostitution in the city, and number 7: It’s now legal to go topless at Copenhagen’s public pools.).

Here are some facts:

3. MTV is sponsoring climate concerts in the lead-up to Copenhagen.

4. Oct. 24 is an International Day of Climate Action intended to prod leaders to get serious ahead of the Copenhagen talks.

5. 12,000 to 15,000 people are expected to attend the conference, and thousands more journalists, NGO reps, activists, and rabble-rousers will also come to town.

12. You can become a fan of COP15 on Facebook.

16. The talks will take place almost exactly 10 years after the WTO protests in Seattle—and some activists say Copenhagen could be the “next Seattle.”

24. Greenpeace has predicted what newspapers will report after the climate talks end.

30. No bottled water will be provided at the conference—tap water only.

31. At least 65 percent of food at the conference will be organic or fair-trade.

86. Teams of kids from all over the world competed in the Children’s Climate Call in Copenhagen in May, building technical solutions to climate change out of Legos.

See the entire list on the Grist website.