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  • New study sheds light

    Blogpost by Lisa - 3 July, 2006 at 18:45

    Ban the BulbIn light of a new study by the International Energy Agency it looks like using energy efficient bulbs should be the number 1 thing to do on any environmentalist's everyone's list! Or perhaps people shouldn't have the choice. Perhaps normal... Read more >

  • KFC = Klearing Forest for Chickens

    Blogpost by Dave - 15 June, 2006 at 18:04 2 comments


    As we revealed in early April, McDonald's have been implicated in the clearance of the Amazon rainforest to grow soya for animal feed and, thanks to the thousands of emails and letters you sent, they're talking to us about how they can get out of the ... Read more >

  • Defending the Med

    Blogpost by Dave - 15 June, 2006 at 17:18

    Our ships Rainbow Warrior and Esperanza are both in the Mediterranean, to unite our efforts to highight the threats to tuna and other iconic species such as swordfish. Tuna is of course far more likely to be on your dinner plate than whale, but it may... Read more >

  • Climate Change: Polar Bears turning to Cannibalism

    Blogpost by Dave - 14 June, 2006 at 18:02

    According to research by American and Canadian scientists, polar bears in the Beaufort Sea are turning to cannibalism - due to a lack of ice, stopping them from reaching their normal food.

    The study reviewed three examples of polar bears preying on ... Read more >

  • As the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting kicks off in St. Kitts, our ship, the Arctic Sunrise has been refused entry to the island nation. The AS was was due to arrive two days ago, ahead of the meeting, which opens on Friday. No off... Read more >

  • Smoking Kills!

    Blogpost by Dave - 14 June, 2006 at 13:54


    © Bernd Arnold/Greenpeace

    June 13: Activists project ""CO2 Kills!" on the cooling tower of the coal energy plant Neurath, Grevenbroich, Germany.

    Greenpeace warns against the devastating consequences of allowing coal power plants to continue functioning ... Read more >

  • Papua New Guinea: Activists harrassed

    Blogpost by Dave - 13 June, 2006 at 15:58

    Greenpeace Forest Campaigner Sam Moko talks to Rimbunan Hijau security guards while attempting to deliver Rimbunan Hijau with the Golden Chainsaw Award.

    True to form, Asia's biggest logging company, Rimbunan Hijau (RH), intimidated and detained six of ... Read more >

  • Bottom Trawling in the news

    Blogpost by Dave - 13 June, 2006 at 15:25

    This week, the Oceans and Law of the Sea meeting is going on at the UN, which has kicked bottom trawling back into the news again... 10 football pitches of ocean floor devastated each 4 secs

    As the kick-off to the football world cup approa... Read more >

  • GE cotton killed sheep in India?

    Blogpost by Dave - 13 June, 2006 at 15:15

    This report just in via Indymedia:

    There is yet another controversy linked to the genetically modified Bt cotton plant and this time it is the alarming reports of sheep and goat taking ill, even dying after grazing on leftover Bt cotton fields. This is... Read more >

  • Air Travel and carbon dioxide emissions in the news!

    Blogpost by Dave - 13 June, 2006 at 15:03

    When a jet flies round-trip from Los Angeles to New York, it leaves behind an estimated 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide in the skies — and that's per passenger.

    Consider electronics giant Hewlett-Packard Co. It figures its business travel activities gen... Read more >

  • Deep Sea Corals in the US of A!

    Blogpost by Dave - 13 June, 2006 at 14:52

    And as we know, bottom trawling is the #1 threat!

    MCBI scientists Lance Morgan, Fan Tsao, and John Guinotte released the first report documenting where deep sea corals are found in US waters, the activities that threaten these unique, long-lived habita... Read more >

  • The Esperanza and the Rainbow Warrior

    Blogpost by Dave - 9 June, 2006 at 17:59

    From Elaine on the Esperanza: "It's 5.40 am GST and if you are fast enough you might be able to catch a pretty special moment. We're meeting up with the Rainbow Warrior on its transit accross the Mediterranean."

    Meeting the Warrior »

    Gavin: The Ra... Read more >

  • Nukes out of Nato! Protest in Brussels

    Blogpost by Dave - 9 June, 2006 at 17:40


    © Philip Reynaers

    Greenpeace activists enter the NATO site in Brussels, Belgium, and hold a banner reading "Nukes out of NATO" on the organisation’s symbol statue.

    8 June 200,: Brussels, Belgium — Twenty-four Greenpeace activists from Belgium, Germany,... Read more >

  • WWF Slams EU Fisheries Policy

    Blogpost by Dave - 9 June, 2006 at 17:38 1 comment

    "Today, the European Commission presented a Green Paper on a future maritime policy, which aims to integrate policies concerning all marine-related activities — shipping, industry, trade, tourism, energy, fisheries and marine research — in order to bo... Read more >

  • Marine Reserves Now!

    Blogpost by Dave - 1 June, 2006 at 17:41 2 comments


    © Greenpeace/Gavin Newman

    Gavin, our photographer/cameraman on board the Esperanza, took this "Marine Reserves Now!" banner beside an octopus off the coast of Menorca. We're calling for a global network of marine reserves, covering 40% of the oceans, ... Read more >

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