The Rainbow Warrior's  fourth stop on her launch tour brought us to the capital of Sweden. She came in on a beautiful morning, with water as smooth as a mirror reflecting a low-hanging November sun. After just two hours, the quay was host to an enormous photo exhibition, a climbing wall designed as a chimney, an anchor chain, ball toss games, a painting workshop for children, rides on action boats and a large number of Swedes greeting the ship with enthusiasm. 

Over the three days in Stockholm, close to 3,000 people got shown around on our new and marvelous flagship. Many people watched a debate about the future of the Arctic, attended by the current chair of the Arctic Council and Swedish Minister of Environment, amongst others.

DJ Daniel Salvio spun music live from the bridge of the ship to a sold-out club crowd.


Despite the cold, Nordic November weather, Rainbow Warrior couldn't have gotten a warmer welcome. 


Catch our web video series "Stories from the Rainbow Warrior" and see the maiden voyage of our newest ship through the eyes of our newest activists, the New Hands on Deck. Follow their updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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