Rapu Rapu fishing village.
Today a Greenpeace Philippines employee named David Andrade, his boat driver and his guide were illegally detained and searched by police while taking water samples downstream from a the Lafayette mining operation on Rapu Rapu island.

The Lafayette mine has only recently been allowed to resume operations after a spill. It's on a 30-day probationary period, and Andrade was investigating local reports of a recent fish kill.

From the Greenpeace Philippines press release:

Andrade was collecting water samples from the said creek when two policemen 'invited' him at gun point for questioning at Pagcolbon's town hall where he was harassed by police, military, and several private security personnel who wore no proper uniform nor identification, and who refused to identify themselves. Andrade was then illegally searched, his water samples and sampling sheets confiscated, and was escorted by armed policemen to their detachment in Rapu Rapu town. Police did not identify under what charge he was being held. The area where he was collecting samples was unfenced public land.

[Photo: A Rapu Rapu fishing village. © Greenpeace / Lester Ledesma]

You can help locals and activists in the Philippines shut down the mine by signing this petition.