The activists occupying a warehouse storing GMO potatoes for planting in Sweden have been arrested, taken into custody and released today. The activists spent 6 days in a blockade to hinder the German chemical company BASF from planting the risky GMO potato “Amflora” again this year.

Amflora was approved in the European Union to be used in food with a levels up to 0,9% and for feed use and seed cultivation. This approval of low levels in food allows for contamination of conventional potato crops by Amflora crops. WHich means even if this potato is planeted for pulp or seed it could end up in your food.

Activists remain on the spot to keep an eye the warehouse and bear witness to any action taken to plant the perilous potato. We are working with the local community to spread information about the risks assocaiated with Amflora.  

Greenpeace is demanding that BASF stop any further cultivation activities of Amflora, and for the European Commission to withdraw its approval of the GMO potato.

Check out the action at the potato warehouse and the contamination debacle BASF was responsible for last year in Sweden.

View photos and video of the action.