Activists occupying smoke stack at Didcot Power Station

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It's a chilly morning in Oxfordshire - and it was even colder at 5:30 am, where some of my friends and colleagues shut down one of Britain's dirtiest power stations - in a bid to stop climate chaos.

Thirty volunteers invaded the Didcot coal-fired power station immobilising the huge conveyor belts that carry coal into the plant, by hitting emergency stop buttons and attaching themselves to machinery. A second group climbed a 200 metre high chimney, setting up a climate camp at the top. Keeping reading, see the videos, and keep. It's now 10:24am, and the volunteers are all still in place. Keep reading to see videos and mobile phone images!

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Didcot Power Station is the second most polluting power station in Britain, after Drax in Yorkshire, and was targeted because - like most of the Britain's power stations - two-thirds of the energy it generates is wasted, making a massive contribution to climate change. we're demanding that the government phases out these kind of coal fired power stations and instead backs localised - or "decentralised" - power generation, which is much more efficient.

- The use of coal for electricity generation has gone up from 47.3 to 52.5 million tonnes a year;

- Between the second quarters of 2005 and 2006 coal-burn for electricity rose by 10.5%

- UK Co2 eimissions have risen since 1997, from 549 million tonnes CO2 to 561.5 million tonnes of CO2. C02 emission in 2005 were only 5.5% below 1990 levels, way off the government's target of a 20% cut by 2010

Greenpeace UK's campaigns director Blake Lee-Harward explains why he's at Didcot power station

One of the team explains what's going on at Didcot Power Station this morning.


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Activists occupying conveyor at Didcot Power Station

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