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I was shocked to read an article in Grist about plans for the expansion of power generation using coal in the U.S.

With 153 new coal plants currently proposed, the U.S plans to triple the amount of coal fired power generation within the next 4 years. Sadly it seems as though only 24 of these plants will use gasification technology, which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. The construction of up to 309 new 500 MW coal plants in the U.S is anticipated by 2030.

Coal power plant proposals have been popping up specifically in Iowa and Texas, which ironically just so happen to be leading states in renewable-energy development. Thankfully these plans have been met with fierce opposition.

Community Energy Solutions is a grassroots organisation committed to safe and secure energy in Iwoa and they are getting local people involved through their petition and blog. Permits for power plants in Texas are being appealed, protests have been organised and even the media is fighting on the environment's side!

This could get even more interesting so I'll be watching this space...