Al Gore's film 'An Inconvenient Truth' opens in Holland today. You'd think that with the world approaching a literal melt down you wouldn't need a movie to get people's attention. But there's the rub - these days there are so many things to be worried about that - well - who has time?

Seth Godin, who knows a thing or two about marketing thinks that climate change needs rebranding. He puts it this way...

"1. the name.

Global is good.

Warm is good.

Even greenhouses are good places.

How can "global warming" be bad? " (see the whole post)

Meanwhile there are those who think that the issue isn't friendly enough. Take this little effort from Chevron. There's no doubt that these people are serious about global warming. Just look at the counter spinning away in the corner counting barrels of oil consumed. That's a lot of oil, but just remember that they have 11.9 billion barrels of oil they're planning to get through in the coming years - and they're looking for more all the time. Which is to say more oil than fits on that whole spinning counter.

So when they say "How will successful long term energy development co-exist with a clean and sustainable environment" they're really asking 'how many of those barrels can we take out of the ground before your worries about the climate stop us?'

Because for Chevron the inconvenient truth is that they're worth $140Bn (the number you're looking for is Market Cap) and any serious response to global warming, or atmospheric cancer, or impending global heat death or whatever you call it is going to reduce that number. So maybe, just maybe they're more interested in stringing things out till those 11.9 billion barrels have been drilled out, refined, barelled and sold than they are in facing up to our problem with global warming.

The movie is in the cinemas. Go see it. Take someone who doesn't care with you.