Well you never know who you'll bump into when you pop out in Washington DC, particularly when dressed as a giant red heart. This just in from our round-the-world Valentine-o-rama for the whales -- Karen reports that the giant love hearts walking (or dare I say, waddling) around Washington got a little message from none other than Richard "Billionaire with heart" Branson himself (more than we can say for George Monbiot ... then again, I assume Monbiot wasn't cruising around in a limo.) Karen says:

"With Washington almost closed down following what is called a 'major' snow storm in this part of the world, a number of huge red hearts went to visit the Japanese Embassy this morning. The security guards at the embassy were not very happy to see us, but they did finally send someone down to accept our Valentines Day card for the Ambassador -- wouldn't take the chocolates though. The hearts then walked down the huge avenue that the Embassy is on (one of the biggest in Washington), giving out flowers, boarding passes and the Japanese Whale cards (in english). Along the route, a limo pulled over and Richard Branson popped his head out saying, "good on you, keep up the good work".