This blog entry was originally written by Daniel on April 22th, but due to our website migration appears to be from a different date and author.

"I want an energy revolution." - We have made a video celebarting Earth Day. Check it out and share it.

Happy Earth Day, everyone.

Around 40 years ago, environmentalists across the US came together in a teach-in to demonstrate just how big a force the environmental grassroots movement was in the first ever Earth Day (as the Chicago Tribune, the Seattle Times and the Boston Globe recall).

Today, this fragile Earth needs more people like you who care about environmental issues, more people who will use their voices to defend it - and more people who will take action to protect it.

Watch our new inspiring Earth Day video and get involved!

As Kumi Naidoo, our executive director, said today: "A green and peaceful future is possible - please join us in making it happen. The Earth needs our attention not just on Earth Day, but every day."

Report highlights carbon emissions from biofuels

Biofuels could emit up to four times more emissions than standard diesel or petrol, a European Union document has pointed out. The study, which was released under freedom of information laws, adds to a growing body of research revealing many current biofuels as a false solution.

While biofuels seem to have enchanted governments, car manufacturers and many others who must cut emissions to prevent climate change, we have been arguing for years that the environmental credentials of biofuels are seriously suspect.

As outlined in our Energy [R]evolution report, truly sustainable energy technologies such as wind, solar and geothermal energy coupled with massive energy efficiency increases are the way to deliver climate friendly, clean and secure energy.

Indigenous take action against Brazil’s hydro-electric dam

Following our action in front of Brazil’s National Electric Energy Agency yesterday, indigenous activists have set off in boats to occupy the site of Belo Monte, the planned hydro-electric dam the Brazilian government plans to build in the Amazon (as reported by The Age, DN and De Telegraaf).

Local leader Luiz Xipaya, who presides over a council of elders, told AFP: "Boats are in the process of leaving and we hope to occupy the territory tomorrow (Thursday). We will build a permanent village there and will not leave so long as the project is on. The indigenous people feel threatened by this project and are very agitated."

Brazil yesterday awarded construction rights for the $11 billion-project in the Amazon rainforest; we made clear what a catastrophe the dam will be for the area’s environment by placing tons of manure in front of every entry of the government building where the decision was taken.