Greenpeace UK acting executive director John Sauven with MSPs Colin Fox, Mike Pringle and Fiona Hyslop

While all the whale love is in full swing around the world, here in the UK there's a marine project of a slightly different nature under way, although in this case our focus is on submarines. Nothing cute about them, particularly the variety that carry nuclear weapons around the world.

In a few weeks, the UK government will be voting on whether to replace the current Trident missile system when it reaches the end of its working life, and it's no secret where Tony Blair's sympathies lie. Should it go ahead, the project will cost billions of pounds, money that could be better spent on tackling - oh, I don't know - climate change. Then there's the outrageous hypocrisy in replacing our own nuclear arsenal while rattling sabres at any other states foolish enough to seek entry into the nuclear club.

The Arctic Sunrise has swung into action and has spent the last few days in Edinburgh, joining forces with Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) who also oppose a replacement for Trident while naming and shaming those who intend to vote in favour. Public support has been incredible and, as our resident web editor Rebecca reports, even someone from the Royal Navy has signed up in protest! Today, the ship sets sail for Glasgow to gauge opinion there and will be in London for the crucial vote next month.

Follow the tour on the Greenpeace UK blog and, more importantly if you're a UK resident, write to your MP and tell them that voting in favour of a Trident replacement is not the smart thing to do.