Replica under construction.

© Greenpeace/Manuel Citak

Carried up by 40 horses and assembled by a team of international volunteers, it's a replica of Noah's Ark on the mountain where some say it came to rest. From the construction team's weblog: "Our aim is to remind the world leaders and public that there's not much time left to mitigate a climate disaster with devastating consequences for all."

This photo was taken on the 23rd. I'm told that the Ark is almost now almost finished.

Today, 14 activists also reached the summit, 5,137 metres above sea level, where they unfurled a banner reading, "G8: this is the point of no return. Save the climate now". Beate Steffens, one of the summit team, said, "If these leaders don't act now, we will very soon reach a point where climate change gets out of control".

And for those of you wondering: Yes, the wood was sustainably harvested. There's no Forest Stewardship Certified wood that met our needs in Turkey, and we didn't want to ship the timber long distances (to save on fuel). So we bought wood registered with the forestry ministry, from a plantation (one not on land cleared from ancient forest) and even went to watch the logging ourselves. New trees were planted for each one cut down.

Once completed, the Ark will be used as a mountain hut.