Oh dear. It's being reported in the Icelandic newspaper Frettabladid that 179 tons worth of the 7 endangered fin whales that where caught last fall have been buried in a land fill.

The whaling industry is claiming this is "entrails and bones," but Gisli Vikingsson at the Icelandic Marine Institute notes that the average weight of the fin whales caught was about 50 tons, so that's more than half the entire animal being wasted.

But wait, it gets worse.

When asked about the 100 tons of unsold whale meat that sits in freezers in Iceland unsold, Kristjan Loftsson, manager of whaling firm Hvalur, (who rather refreshingly appears to have skipped the PR spin training that most whaling industry spokespersons get) said "the delay was because firms must first test the meat for dangerous chemicals to see if it meets food industry standards."

Well that's reassuring, isn't it?