I've been reading about light bulbs. 90% of the energy that goes to a lightbulb gets lost in heat. According to Amory Lovins, the average US home runs 30 lightbulbs five hours a day, and if all American homes replaced just 3 of these bulbs with long-lasting bulbs, Americans could save electricity equivalent to the output of 11 fossil-fuel-fired power plants. In turn they would eliminate about 23 million tons of CO2 emissions per year - and save about $1,800,000,000.



I've been playing with a graphic concept to try and make the link between a simple act like changing your light bulb and the impacts of climate change. This rough doesn't quite achieve what I'm looking for, but the idea is to extend the joke across a range of impacts.



How Many Dead Polar Bears does it take to change a light bulb?