What do you say to people who, despite mountains of scientific evidence, keep denying that climate change is a problem? My favorite so far...

Climate Change Denier: I don't think climate change is a big deal because blah blah blah blah blah.

Me: Have you won a Nobel Prize?

CCD: Ummm, no.

Me: Then shut up.

Ha ha ha ha! No that's not on the BBC's list, but it cracks me up.

Anyway... If you feel the need to respond with more intellectual cache, the BBC has posted counter-arguments some of the more common "skeptic" statements: Top 10. Also handy, is Gristmill's, "How to talk to a climate skeptic", New Scientist's "Climate change: A guide for the perplexed" and the Real Climate blog (where they spend their time knocking down the climate denying silliness of the day).

And really, we've had enough blah blah blah. Over a decade of it. The science is rock solid. Just today, Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (ie. someone who DID win a Nobel Prize) said:

The effects of climate change are being felt already... Climate change will hit hardest the poorest and most vulnerable countries. Its overall effect, however, will be felt by everyone and will in some cases threaten people's very survival.

Failing to recognize the urgency of this message and acting on it would be nothing less than criminally irresponsible.

It's time we got passed the blah blah blah to real action. Thanks to the BBC, Grist, New Scientist and Real Climate for making that a bit easier.