Job well done by the Sierra Club, which has been following the scam. Now there's Congress is investigating. From the Sierra Club blog...

Oh for shame, lobbyists. An investigation has found that a lobbying firm forged letters from the NAACP and a Hispanic community organization in Charlottesville, Virginia, saying that the organizations opposed the American Clean Energy and Security Act. The forged letters went to Congressman Tom Perriello (D-VA 5th) and as expected, the community groups are incensed (as are the rest of us).

Neither of the groups oppose the bill.

UPDATE: Groups Impersonated by Big Coal Testify Before Congress

Original post continued...

Naturally, the "clean coal" industry group (American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, aka ACCCE) first response was to say the PR/lobbying firm they hired was acting without their approval. Only thing is, now it's come out that the "clean coal" group knew about the letters. Dishonest - definitely.

Talking Points Memo is also digging into the story, and they've found a former employee of the PR/lobbying firm who's willing to talk:

Earlier today, we told you about the forged letter sent by a lobbying firm to a lawmaker, urging him to oppose climate change legislation. The letter ran under the letterhead of a local Hispanic group, but really was sent by an employee at Bonner and Associates, a Washington D.C. lobbying firm with a slew of corporate clients.

In response, Jack Bonner said the letter had been sent by a "temporary employee" who has since been fired, and blamed the problem on that one "bad employee." But a former Bonner and Associates employee who spoke to TPMmuckraker significantly complicated that picture, portraying Bonner and Associates as a place where ethical missteps were far from rare. "They just got caught this time," he said.

And this isn't the first time the ACCCE has been caught dirty handed.

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