[Pic of Branson © Grist. Sorry Grist, just borrowed it for your own good!]
Thought you all might like to browse the interview that Grist magazine did with Richard Branson, of Virgin records/mobile phones/trains/planes/just about everything fame. From his Caribbean island hideaway he tells us about his thoughts on biofuels and fuel-saving plans for Heathrow and O'Hare airports. I think his ideas make sense, but I admit I'm no climate campaigner. Still, it's a start, IMHO. And anything that makes Heathrow more bearable has to be ok! Grist asks "Does a music mogul who signed the Rolling Stones and Janet Jackson have what it takes to make a pop star out of biofuels?" Well uh...not so sure about the Janet Jackson example... didn't he also sign the Sex Pistols? Anyway, read it for yourself here.