brianfit.jpgMy name is Brian Fitzgerald and I'm head of Digital Communications at Greenpeace International. I joined Greenpeace on February 11th, 1982 and have been put to work or volunteered over the years since then as an activist, deckhand, hot air balloon pilot, disarmament wonk, fundraiser, computer geek, speechwriter, gopher, senior manager, translator, press officer, legal assistant, and organic olive picker.

I live in Amsterdam. I don't own a car.

I proudly confess to having once been a long-haired hippy. In their day, Hippies led the charge to stop a war, challenged consumerism, questioned the worship of material wealth at all cost, and championed the values of love and respect for nature. Check, check, check, check, check. Hippy am I still.

You'll find more of my harumphs and hallelujahs at my personal website.