Today marks the 25 years in Greenpeace of the person currently at the helm of the mothership – our Chief webby and self-confessed eco-geek, Brian Fitzgerald. Long before anyone had even thought about a having a website and when I was err, young, Brian walked into the canvas office of Greenpeace in Boston in the US.

Here follows a photographic record of some of his finest and most, how should I put it…. memorable moments, captured on film, for better or worse…..

Congratulations Brian!

(If some of the photos posted below suddenly disappear, that's because Brian can edit this post!)

Walking into a Nevada nuclear test site to stop a nuclear test


Doing a stint as an action organiser. Brian what is going on with that GP logo on the banner?


Getting very excitied about some now very obsolete technology probably sending a few kb of data over a phone very slowly


"Now David do you thing we should change this to a energy saving bulb or will people accuse us of environmental tokenism?"


Brian is a tough boss to work for, heaven forbid if you're a web editor and you get your it's, its, it is, mixed up he'll hunt you down with a water pistol and his very own peddle boat!


If all else fails, just pop on a fetching wig and get on the phone. Who ever said, "Blondes build better websites"?


And what ever any ones says, people will always love a geek: