My name is Renny Bijoux and out of the billions of people in the world I have been chosen to go on a life-changing, challenging but fun and wicked expedition to the North Pole! How cool is that, heh?!

It's not every day that someone gets an opportunity like going to the North Pole, especially from where I am from: a small island state in the Seychelles. You may ask, why is this guy even going there? The answer is simple: to protect the Earth. I am giving my full support to Greenpeace to protect the arctic against destructive industrial development which we all know is moving extremely fast towards the Arctic. I am not saying that industrial development is not necessary or a "bad thing," but like everything else it has its destructive effects. Greenpeace will be going there to declare it protected on behalf of all life on earth. The cool part is that we will be skiing to the North Pole to lower a capsule 4.3 kilometers onto the seabed, containing millions of signatories to the campaign.

Why do I care so much for the Arctic, you ask? Just come live a day in Seychelles, and you'll understand. On my home island the temperature reaches up to 33 degrees Celsius and you can imagine how hot that is. There are even countries where the temperature is even higher! The Arctic helps in cooling the earth, thus making our lives much more bearable. If we all turn a blind eye to the coming threat of destructive industrial development, the ice cap at the top of the world will melt as it has started to, changing the weather patterns in the world, making the land-based ice sheets like Greenland melt faster -- and that of course this will bring about a rise in sea level whereby Seychelles and other island states and low-lying countries will be affected.

Evidently, when you talk to people about this particular issue everyone seems to understand or nod in agreement. But do they really understand? It is true that a lot of us comprehend what is going on. Many of us want to do something about it, so I'm taking this opportunity to act in the name of those of us who does not get this opportunity every day. My family and friends think that this is a crazy expedition! But they all think that it is a wonderful opportunity which is for most of us a once in a lifetime journey. So, why not go lend a hand to mother earth?

I hope that this expedition comes out successful and that it reaches its goal. We are all in this together -- this is our planet and we all need to look after her just like she's been looking after us for centuries. If we don't fight for her, who will??

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