Photo: Greenpeace Cebit booth After a long Monday of setting up our booth at CeBIT – world’s largest computer trade fair –, a lot of press and visitors attended already and discussed with us about Greener Electronics, from news agencies Reuters and AFP, german national TV ZDF and Bavarian Radio to bloggers like Charbax from, who showed us his XO, the “$100 laptop” by the OLPC initiative. We had a very nice discussion on the Pro's and Con’s of OLPC.

The hope and promise of OLPC is to boost education in developing countries by spreading thousands or even millions of laptops to children who until now could never afford a computer, and on the other side the risk of spreading a lot of e-waste as well. Apparently the makers of the XO discuss that issue seriously and even claim that the XO “is not just visually green, it’s the most eco-green laptop ever made.”

Wether it is really the greenest PC on the market ever made has still to be assessed. OLPC is of course not in our Guide to Greener Electronics, being an educational project and not a commercial product.

During the day we recognized how technology has penetrated our life as well: Can you imagine we used Google Maps in a car on a laptop via your mobile phone's internet access and Bluetooth to find from our accommodation (two volunteers from Hanover’s local Greenpeace team offered their flats to our Cebit team – thanks!) to the fairground? It really works! Only the maps aren’t loading fast enough when there’s no fast UMTS connection …

Photo: e-waste table And of course we have wi-fi internet at our booth to post pictures to Flickr, and write into this and another german-language Greenpeace blog. Somehow our mess of cameras and laptops integrates quite nicely in the table with dismantled electronics exhibited.

More pictures you’ll find in our photo pool at Flickr. Please feel free to add yours if you are at Cebit as well and take pictures on greener electronics or at our Greenpeace booth.