Guest Blogged by: Mel, Climate Campaigner on the launch of latest Energy [R]evolution video Reasons to Believe: Transport (narrated by Susan Sarandon)

Sustainable Transport. I am often accused of trying to limit people’s freedoms when I mention that phrase. They say that they need a car, and that they have the right to go wherever they please and whenever they please. They don’t want to have to wait, or get on public transport with other people.

But to me, it is not about limiting freedoms, although it cannot be denied that the transport sector is the only sector whose CO2 emissions have actually increased in recent years. To me the phrase sustainable transport should be about the freedom to choose. Making smart transport choices, and encouraging politicians to create the circumstances where we have the right to choose, truly integrated transport in towns, and alternative ways of thinking about journeys in the country. Ok, it may be about not driving oversized cars with big-bore exhausts on the road, but as the Australians have already realised, it’s not big and it’s not clever.

Our new video, the second of three Reasons to Believe videos narrated by Susan Sarandon, shows that there are many choices in a sustainable transport system, and that they are smart choices to make. It also shows that it is possible for us all to help to create the conditions that we need for an Energy [R]evolution, in order to help prevent catastrophic climate change. As Ewan McGregor may have said in Trainspotting:

Choose a bike

Choose a bus

Choose sharing a car and making a friend as you both sing along, too loud, with that song on the radio

Choose a train

Choose to walk

Choose the right size of vehicle for the journey and the load

Choose the climate

Choose Life

Watch the video below: