From Greenpeace UK:

On the same day that scientists have shown that carbon emissions are accumulating far more quickly than predicted, leaked documents reveal that Labour wants to work with the nuclear-obsessed French and the climate-sceptic Polish presidents to undermine a vital European deal on renewable energy. The deal - to generate 20 per cent of energy from renewables by 2020 - was only finalised by European leaders including Tony Blair earlier this year.

The government actually accepts that we can meet the 20 per cent target. It also admits, in the leaked papers, that scuppering it will be "very hard to negotiate ... very controversial" and will lead to "a potentially significant cost in terms of reduced climate change leadership".

So why does Brown want to scupper renewables? According to the Guardian article covering the leaked documents: "The government is clearly worried about its ambition to introduce more nuclear power as soon as possible."

We've said all along nuclear power is a road block to the real energy revolution. Seems the UK government agrees.