Alison writes:

I thought you might be interested in reading and possibly linking to the following article on the effect of climate change on fisheries, published today in the Asbury Park Press.

Of note is the historic decision of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to prohibit any bottom-trawl commercial fishing off the far north of Alaska past the Bering Strait — at least until scientists figure out the effects of sea ice retreat and warming.

Climate change already affects ocean ecosystems and seafood production off the shores of North America, according to a new report on the long decline and now-stalled recovery of Atlantic cod and a decision by Alaska fisheries regulators to seal off America's farthest northern waters to fishing.

Warming in the Arctic may be one reason why cod are so slow to return to Atlantic waters, despite years of increased restrictions on fishing, says Brian Rothschild of the University of Massachusetts.

"Everyone has attributed the declines of cod, especially in Canada, to overfishing," said Rothschild, dean of the UMass School for Marine Science and Technology. [...]

Now, "fishermen think things are changing in the Atlantic," he added. "If this is part of a global climate change event, these things may not come back."

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