Top news: activists face trial for protest in Copenhagen; ‘How many centimeters is yours?’ campaign in Turkey gets 420 thousand signatures; TEPCO plans new measures to ease high temperatures inside the plant; IAEA reveals serious safety shortcomings in Japan.

© Christian Åslund / Greenpeace

11 Activists To Appear In Danish Court © Christian Åslund / Greenpeace

#RedCarpet Eleven Greenpeace activists will appear in a Danish court today for taking action at the climate summit in Copenhagen a year and a half ago. The “Red Carpet 11” delivered a message to the over 120 European leaders attending a banquet during the ill-fated climate talks. The message was simple: 'Politicians Talk - Leaders Act'. Today, those activists will face serious charges and possible jail sentences for bearing witness to one of the greatest political failures in modern history.

#Oceans “How many centimeters is yours?” Not a malicious question, but a very successful campaign run by Greenpeace Turkey against the catches of juvenile fish. As Turkish media reported today, the campaign has already collected over 420 thousand signatures on the petition against the wasteful fishing practice. Learn more

#Fukushima TEPCO announced its plans to open the so-far unopened door to number 2 reactor, to ease the high temperatures inside. According to TEPCO, the process of opening doors should take 8 hours, to avoid disturbing contaminated dust inside the containment building.

#Fukushima As TEPCO workers struggle to keep the situation under control, an IAEA report reveals serious safety shortcomings both before and after the Tsunami hit Fukushima power plant. According to the report, Japanese regulatory authorities have failed to review and approve additional protective measures and "severe accident management provisions were not adequate to cope with multiple plant failures."

#SoftNews To close on a lighter note, enjoy this extremely cute video shot at the zoo in Dublin few days ago. An orangutan rescued a coot chick from water and took care of him with the gentlest touch.

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