© Alanah Torralba / Greenpeace

Top news: Nike’s Netherlands headquarters decorated with giant T-shirt; Australian farmers oppose GM crop trials; the Israeli cabinet vote in favor of renewable energy; circus ferret depressed due to rainfall.

#Detox: Last Friday and today, several outdoor events took place around the world regarding Greenpeace’s Detox Campaign. In Manila, the Philippines, participants of the first Manila Bay Clean-up Run (MBC) lined up besides mannequin ‘Anne’ to make people more aware of water pollution. The run encouraged sports and health enthusiasts to join the call for the sportswear industry to lead the elimination of all releases of hazardous chemicals from supply chains and products. In the Netherlands on Friday Greenpeace climbers attached a giant T-shirt to the front of Nike headquarters with the words: ‘Champion a toxic free future. Just do it.’

#Farmers: The Network of Concerned Farmers, an Australian wide network of conventional and organic farmers who are concerned about the economic, environmental and social impacts of genetically modified crops, are supporting an end to genetically modified wheat trials. Apparently, the market doesn’t want to buy products containing GM wheat. One farmer put it this way: “you put a loaf of bread in a shop with 'this was made out of GM wheat' and it will sit there till it grows rotten”.

#Renewable Energy: In Israel, the cabinet has voted in favor of renewable energy installations for housing and industry worth five billion dollars. Solar fields and rooftop solar panels will account for the majority of the new installations, while wind power and bio fuels will also be utilized.

#Ferret: In Siberia, a ferret ran away from his performance duties in the Siberian Circus because the heavy rains made him depressed. Together with his circus friends the weasel, a monkey and a red-breasted parakeet, the ferret decided to take a break from work. Few visitors were showing up anyway due to the heavy rainfall in the area.