Top news: Workers at Fukushima pump more radioactive water out of reactor 2 basement; Germany’s phase-out of nuclear power could hurt ties with France; join Greenpeace’s world record attempt by asking Facebook to Unfriend Coal; US Environment Protection Agency faces huge budget cut.

© Kim Haughton / Greenpeace Tzeporah Berman, Climate and Energy Co-Director, Greenpeace International and Greenpeace activists outside Facebook's Dublin offices as part of the Unfriend Coal campaign.

#Nuclear: Workers at the Fukushima nuclear plant are pumping highly radioactive water from the basement of the number 2 reactor into a storage area in the building. TEPCO, the plant operator, aims to reduce the level of the water in the basement by transferring 711 tonnes of radioactive water by Thursday. Radioactive strontium has been detected 30km away from Fukushima.

Meanwhile, the ongoing crisis has prompted anti-nuclear protests throughout Japan, which doesn’t have a strong history of street protest. Time Out Tokyo is even offering a choice of demonstrations taking place this weekend, for people keen to support the anti-nuclear movement.

#Nuclear: French lawmakers have said that Germany’s decision to phase out nuclear power “could hurt ties with France”, which derives 75% of its power from nuclear reactors. Jean Arthius, a former French finance minister, said that talks with members of the German parliament revealed Germany was still “in an emotional state” over the Japanese nuclear crisis. Arthuris said: “What we need to do is focus on security, on nuclear security.” We agree. But what better way to ensure nuclear security, than to phase out nuclear power?

#Facebook: Want to show your support for our Facebook Unfriend Coal campaign? We are currently making a Guinness World Record attempt, for the most Facebook comments on a post in 24 hours! Write a comment here, and tell your friends! After all, it’s not every day you get to be part of a Guinness World Record….

The Unfriend Coal campaign hit Ireland yesterday, as Greenpeace activists created a physical Facebook wall outside Facebook’s Dublin office, calling for the social media giant to run its massive data centers on renewable energy. Greenpeace climate and energy co-director Tzeporah Berman, Microsoft manager Ray Pinto and former Irish energy minister Eamon Ryan discussed the urgent need for green leadership within the IT sector at a public event at Trinity College Dublin.

#Climate: The US Environmental Protection Agency is facing a budget cut of $1.6bn, as part of a deal between President Obama and congressional leaders to reduce government spending. Greenpeace coal campaign director Gabe Wisniewski said: “A $1.6bn cut coming just at the time the EPA is finally waking up and starting to adopt basic safeguards is going to have a significant impact. It’s a larger cut than a lot of other agencies and programs are facing.” So what happened to that “new chapter in American leadership on climate change,” Obama?

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