Top news: Operator of Hamaoka nuclear plant decides on plant’s future after Japanese Prime Minister requests its closure; developed countries miss UN climate aid deadline to developing countries; owner of Canadian oil pipeline responsible for huge spill noticed fault hours before flow was stopped; Greenpeace activists in Madrid protest against nuclear power.

© Greenpeace / Rogu Collecti. The effects of the Rainbow pipeline oilspill in Alberta, Canada.

#Nuclear: The operator of the Hamaoka nuclear plant in Japan –described as the ‘world’s most dangerous’ - Chubu Electric, is holding a meeting on Monday afternoon (Japanese time) to discuss the closure of the plant. Prime Minister Naoto Kan asked Chubu to shut the plant on May 6, after a government study showed an 87 percent likelihood that a magnitude-8 earthquake will hit the region within 30 years. Although not legally binding, the company is expected to comply with Kan’s request. Shares in Chubu Electric fell by as much as 14% over the weekend in response to the news.

#Climate: Developed countries have missed the first deadline to provide funding to help developing nations combat climate change, agreed at the UN conference in Cancun last December. The Green Climate Fund is meant to raise $100bn per year by 2020, but according to Clifford Polycarp, of the World Resources Institute: “Developed countries continue to teeter in honouring even their modest commitments.”

#Oil: A broken pipeline in Canada, which has caused 4.5 million litres of oil to spill into the Alberta wilderness, showed warning signs up to eight hours before the flow of crude oil was switched off. Plains Midstream Canada, the owner of the Rainbow pipeline, said that an “unstable condition” had been detected by its control centre at 7 pm on April 28, the day before the leak was discovered. The clean-up operation is expected to last between 2-4 months.

#Nuclear: Hundreds of people gathered in Madrid yesterday to demand the closure of nuclear plants in Spain. Activists from organizations including Greenpeace and Ecologists in Action chanted “Nuclear closure now”, and called on the government to turn to clean, safe renewable energy instead.

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