© Greenpeace/Vaclav Vasku

Top news: Victory as deepwater oil exploration delayed; Hong Kong to improve household energy efficiency; Dow Chemical Company will fund the 2012 Olympics.

#Oil: In New Zealand, American oil giant Anadarko has announced that it is to postpone offshore exploration for a year, claiming that it has run out of time to start drilling later this year. However, Greenpeace climate campaigner Steve Abel argues “this is another major nail in the coffin for the Government's programme of deep-sea oil drilling”.

#Green energy: Hong Kong Council for Sustainable Development has launched a four-month public consultation on how to reduce carbon emissions from buildings. Greenpeace campaigner Koo Wai-muk said "ordinary households are paying more than commercial users for each unit of electricity they consume. With reform, ordinary households could pay less”.

#Bhopal: Dow Chemical Company has come under fire after 2012 Olympics organisers announced that the company will fund a “spectacular” £7 million artwork “wrap” around the London stadium. Dow Chemical is the owner of Union Carbide, which is responsible for the deaths of 25,000 people following the 1984 chemical leak from its factory in Bhopal, India. Greenpeace’s Arundhati Muthu said “this crass attempt by Dow to detoxify their brand won’t wash with the victims of the Bhopal disaster”.