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Top news: Greenpeace’s Detox campaign challenges Nike and Adidas to lead a toxic free future; 126,000 barrels of Nazi radioactive wastes discovered in Germany; the EU commission seeks to reduce overfishing; a new Bigfoot discovered in Kansas

#Detox: During a recent investigation, Greenpeace identified several major international clothing brands, including sports giants Adidas and Nike, as linked to facilities in China that are releasing toxic chemicals into our water. Unfortunately, these facilities are just the tip of the iceberg. Across many countries, hazardous chemicals are being released into our precious waterways, poisoning our water and threatening people and wildlife. Let’s challenge Nike and Adidas! JUST DO IT and lead the way towards a toxic-free future with Greenpeace.

#Nuclear: Nuclear experts in Germany have found a nuclear waste deposit from what they believe is a secret atom bomb programme by Hitler. 126,000 barrels of radioactive material was found buried 2,000 feet underground in an old salt mine. Greenpeace Germany is backing a call for documents relating to the dump to be released to the state parliament from sealed archives in Berlin.

#Oceans: The EU Commission is proposing a radical reform of fisheries in Europe that seeks to reduce fishing fleets – and so their catch – by 30%, as Denmark already did. Major fishing economies – such as France and Spain – are expected to oppose this proposal. This idea has been criticised by Greenpeace’s Saskia Richartz saying that “making sure fish stocks recover before they're wiped out by overfishing makes a lot of sense. But right now it's hard to see how the EU wants to get there without a clear pathway to bring the fleet size in line with how much fish is left in the sea”

 #Bigfoot: A new Bigfoot movie from Kansas appeared on YouTube. The one-minute video shows a loping "creature" passing from tree to tree as a family shoots from the other side of a fenced-in area. The video is, as usual, very shaky. Why can't people learn how to use a camera when they shoot these things? Maybe they're truly scared?