Top News:  Greenpeace calls for a moratorium on building nuclear reactors in France, a report reveals that corruption threatens global initiatives against climate change and the United Nations to start program for recycling electronic waste.

Copyright Alex Hofford / Greenpeace


# BinLadenkilled: President Obama announced that Bin Laden was killed by United States forces in Pakistan on Sunday. Huge crowds gathered outside the White House and at the Ground Zero site in New York to celebrate the news.

#Climate and Energy: As if corruption hasn’t caused enough damage already a new report from Transparency International reveals that corruption is threatening global initiatives to combat climate change. The organization warns that the 20 nations most vulnerable to climate change – where millions in grants and aid will be targeted – are also among the most corrupt in the world. The reports also states that stronger oversight is needed to ensure the funds marked for combating climate change are properly spent.

#Nukes: Activists from Greenpeace France are blocking the access road to the new generation EPR nuclear reactor in Flamanville. Yannick Rousselet, a nuclear campaigner for Greenpeace France, is quoted calling for a moratorium on building nuclear reactors.

# E- Waste: Watch where you throw your old smartphones and IPods! A new international project will be tracking discarded U.S. mobile devices, TVs and other electronic waste to help recycle rare metals and protect human health, U.S. and U.N. officials stated.

#Oceans: An article in the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) reports on the depletion of shark populations worldwide, claiming that the British love of fish and chips, and the Japanese love of sushi, are as much to blame for shark fin soup as the Chinese demand …The article references Greenpeace’s estimate that 100 million sharks are killed every year, while adding that shark is often used as an alternative to cod in fish and chips.

#Climate: AFP reports that Chinese citizens are paying the price for China’s extraction of rare earth minerals.  Chemical by-products of the extraction process are spilled onto the land of Chinese farmers, resulting in the loss of teeth and the premature graying of their hair. Jamie Choi from Greenpeace China is quoted as saying that “there is not one step in the extraction of rare earth minerals that is not disastrous for the environment.”


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