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Today in Brussels: Greenpeace billboards of European Health Commissioner John Dalli and President of the Commission José Manuel Barroso, depicted as chefs cooking up 'GE recipes for disaster'.

Seven weeks after the EU Commission rushed through its decision to allow the genetically engineered potato Amflora, the first crops are being planted in Germany.

Under police protection, German agro-chemical company BASF has started sowing crops in a 15-hectares field in the country's north-east, German newspapers MZ, Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Handelsblatt report.

And they don't miss to mention how strongly we oppose GE crops.

Today, we placed billboards of European Health Commissioner John Dalli and President of the Commission José Manuel Barroso depicted as chefs cooking up 'GE recipes for disaster' around Brussels. As part of our GE-free Future Bus Tour across Europe, we have collected half a million signatures calling for a GE-free future in Europe. We’re halfway towards achieving enough signatures to make an official legal request upon the European Commission to reconsider the decision to approve GE potato cultivation.

Add your voice and invite friends and family to join you.

Greenpeace has become a shareholder of Statoil, the Norwegian energy company. Aftenposten and DN.NO report that Greenpeace, together with WWF, has purchased shares in the company, while launching a social networking campaign to influence its largest shareholder, the Norwegian state, to get Statoil to withdraw from destructive tar sand mining projects.

Statoil is one of the major investors in the tar sands, a source of oil buried below the Boreal Forest of northern Alberta. The Norwegian government continues to support the project, however, other shareholders, including Danske Bank, have expressed their opposition to the contentious project in the past.

On another (t)issue...

Pegged to Earth Day, several local US papers are running a story about 50 eco-friendly apps for the iPhone, among them the 'Greenpeace Tissue Guide', which allows you to make an informed decision when shopping for recycled tissue and toilet paper. Intrigued? Find out more about the guide here.

(Picture credit: Greenpeace)