Top news: Polar bears occupy Cairn HQ, radio-active beef found in Japanese cows, labeling of palm oil products in Australia.

#Energy: 50 activists dressed as polar bears entered the Cairn headquarters yesterday and occupied it. Twelve hours later, 20 bears were removed by the police. While at the headquarters the polar bears left post-it notes with messages from the public demanding Cairn to produce the spill response plan and stop deep sea drilling. Still, the company is refusing to publish its spill response plan. The fragile wild life of the Arctic is under threat due to deep sea oil drilling by big companies such as Cairn Energy. Greenpeace is asking Cairn for its oil spill response plan, in the case a spilling disaster occurs. So far, Cairn has refused to make their response plan public, therefore, some polar bears decided to have a look for the response plan themselves

# Fukushima: In Japan, 136 cows were found to have consumed feed affected by radioactive caesium. The Japanese government is banning shipments of beef from leaving Fukushima, as worries mount over radiation-tainted livestock. Distributors across the country have bought meat from exposed cows and some of it could have already reached consumers. Major supermarket chain Aeon said that hundreds of kilos of the beef have been sold at 14 of its stores in Tokyo and the surrounding areas.

#Forests: In Australia, a bill requiring the labeling of palm oil products is expected to be signed into law today. Previously palm oil often appeared labeled as vegetable oil. This would be a major victory for forest conservation because palm oil production is seen as a key driver of the destruction of natural rainforest and its wildlife. Greenpeace is currently addressing deforestation caused by palm oil production in the toy industry.