Top news: Chernobyl 25th anniversary scares Europe; police open fire on anti-nuclear protesters in India; Greenpeace US releases seafood scorecard


#Nuclear: The 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster is coming up next week, and its effect is still being felt across Europe. A Reuters story covers how poorly-investigated and hazardous for the environment the disaster was. Earlier this month Kiev this month, Greenpeace scientists tested for radioactive isotopes in food they purchased food from village markets in two administrative regions, Zhytomyr and Rivne. They found caesium 137 above permissible levels in many samples of milk, dried mushrooms and berries.

#Nuclear/Action: Indian police opened fire on hundreds of protesters, killing one, at a demonstration against the proposed construction of Jaitapur nuclear power station, police and the government. Karuna Raina, nuclear and energy campaigner at Greenpeace India, condemned the police action Monday as "shameful" and said local people were only exercising their right to legitimate protest.

#Seafood: Greenpeace U.S. has released a seafood scorecard, ranking 20 nationwide supermarket retailers for their seafood sourcing and purchasing. Safeway is positioned on the top of the ranking, ahead of specialty food markets such as Whole Foods and Wegmans. The author of the report is the Greenpeace markets campaigner Casson Trenor, he said that "15 out of 20 are within passing range. In less than three years, this is incredible progress."