Top news: Fukushima reactor vessel feared damaged; German Chancellor demands changes to EU nuclear policy; date set for first Climate Change Fund meeting; Earth Hour tomorrow.

© Greenpeace Greenpeace volunteers in Manila, Philippines, celebrate last year's Earth Hour in front of a solar-powered light installation.

#Nuclear: A spokesman for the Japanese Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency has expressed fears of damage to the reactor 3 vessel at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, following reports of leaking high-level radiation into the surrounding area. Yesterday, two workers were hospitalized after being exposed to water containing radioactive materials 10,000 times the normal level. The government is now encouraging residents living within a 30km radius of the power plant to evacuate.

#Nuclear: The German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that EU nuclear energy policy has to change, in light of the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan. “Fukushima made it clear to me that we can’t continue as before,” she said, at a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels yesterday. The European Atomic Forum lobbied against Merkel’s anti-nuclear stance, saying that it was “premature to draw conclusions from the tragedy in Japan.”

#Climate: Next month will see the first meeting of the Green Climate Fund, a $100 bn/year aid package to help developing countries fight the causes and effects of climate change. The fund was agreed at December’s UN climate change conference in Cancun, but delegates from the 40 nations that governing the fund have only just fixed a meeting date. No rush guys, you’re only trying to save the planet…

#EarthHour: Tomorrow at 8.30pm local time the fifth annual Earth Hour, organized by WWF, will see people coming together across the world to switch off their lights and electrical appliances, to take a stand against climate change. Last year, a record 128 countries and territories joined in, with global landmarks including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco all standing in darkness. If you’d like to take part and register your support, go to

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