Top news: Cairn energy gets permission to drill for in the Mediterranean; Dutch fisheries could be sustainable by 2012; What is this new Greenpeace campaign all about?; a monster catfish captured in Virginia.

#Oil The Mediterranean may become the new Gulf of Mexico as Spain fails to learn the lessons of one of the worst oil spills in history, authorising Cairn Energy to carry out deepwater oil explorations and surveys in the Mediterranean. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because Cairn is the same company who insist – in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary – that drilling for oil in the Arctic is safe. The Mediterranean – whose rich fishing grounds fuel Spain’s vital fishing industry and whose temperate waters provide an essential migratory corridor for whales – looks set to become yet another controversial venture for the Scottish energy company.

#Oceans The Netherlands is leading the way in sustainable fishing, according to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). It’s great to see Dutch retailers paying attention to our recommendations and setting ambitions targets, such as every fishery in the Netherlands being MSC-certified by 2012. It seems our campaigning is having a real effect as Dr. Nathalie Steins of the MSC suggests, “Dutch retailers are really anxious that Greenpeace might give them a bad reputation.” While we’re not in the business of needlessly dragging names through the mud, it’s great to see our campaigns are effective. And, credit where it’s due: Bravo Holland!

#Greenpeace The UK’s Independent reports under the headline ‘Mysterious online environmental campaign builds buzz’ that Greenpeace is creating an online buzz with a series of tweets directing followers to the campaign page. The article makes reference to previous social media campaigns including Volkswagon and Mattel and also has links to those campaigns as well as this campaign’s Facebook page.

#Catfish The recent capture of what could be North America’s largest recorded blue catfish – in Virginia in late June – has us thinking about this oversized species and its relatives. The Virginia blue caught last month weighed in at 143 pounds and measured 57 inches. (The previous record was a 130-pound catfish caught in Missouri last year.)